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Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems is a New England-based, full-service provider for emergency and standby power needs. Below is a list of industrial power generator services we offer.

Power Generator Repair

We understand the importance of quickly bringing your backup generator back to proper operating condition to avoid power outages. Our technicians are trained and certified to repair all major generator brands and use genuine manufacturer parts.

Load Bank Testing

Pow’r Point offers load bank testing up to a 2000kW generator.  Load bank testing allows a standby generator to be exercised under its fully rated kW output to verify its overall reliability.  The load bank test produces artificial loads on the generator by bringing the engine up to operating temperature to simulate the process of the generator being used during an emergency situation. 

Analysis Testing

Fluid analysis is an essential tool that provides information about the internal health of your generator without having to disassemble.

Diesel Fuel Testing

Fuel analysis can identify the overall quality of the fuel and identify any bacteria/fungus buildup.

Oil Testing

Oil analysis is an easy way to analyze the health of the engine.  It can detect contaminants such as dirt, water and glycol as well as any metal present.

Coolant Testing

Coolant system problems contribute to more than 40% of all engine related failures.  Performing a coolant analysis will check for corrosion levels, glycol, and freeze point as well as pH.

Remote Monitoring

Did you know that we offer remote monitoring for any kind of generator?  This cellular based product will give you 24/7 monitoring of your generator from anywhere.  From run time tracker with excessive run time alerts, generator running/stopped notifications to weekly exercise test verification.

For Industrial Stand-by
Generator maintenance & Service

For Industrial Stand-by
Generator maintenance & Service