Having an Outdoor Wedding? Why You Need a Generator at the Ceremony

Are you planning a wedding and trying to check off all the boxes of everything you need? If you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding, there’s one crucial thing you may be missing!

Keep reading to find out why you need to have a generator at the ceremony as you plan your outdoor wedding!

Why Do I Need a Generator at My Outdoor Wedding?

Outdoor Wedding

Are you starting to plan your upcoming wedding? For outdoor weddings, it’s necessary to have a generator. You may be wondering why, though?

After all, if you’re not inviting more than a hundred people, why would you need such an intense form of power to fuel your event? The answer may surprise you.

Are you planning on having a DJ or a band? How about a caterer, as well as a way to keep your food warm for your guests? Will you be providing coffee at all?

Are you going to be using any lighting during your ceremony and the reception? These are some of the many reasons that you would need a generator!

If you don’t want your wedding to be a fire hazard, then you’ll need to avoid using endless extension cords to keep everything running. Whether your outdoor wedding is on top of a mountain or in a field, you’ll need power, and a generator is the only way to source that power.

How Much Power and Electricity Will You Need at Your Outdoor Wedding?

Control board

It’s not a matter of needing power and electricity at your outdoor wedding, but how much energy you’ll need. At the very least, you need enough to keep the lights on, but most weddings require a lot more than that.

Before you rent a generator, you’ll need to calculate how much power you think you’ll be using. Include both the ceremony and the reception afterward. If you’re not sure where to begin, follow the advice of your wedding vendors.

They are professionals and will likely recommend what you need. If you are having your ceremony at one location outside and then moving to a different place, you may need more than one generator, so make sure to have as much of the logistics figured out before planning on renting a generator. 

What is a Standby Generator?

Now that you understand that having a generator at your outdoor wedding is a necessity, the next question you’ll need to answer is what kind of generator to have at your wedding. There is more than one type and kind of generator, but you need to make sure you’re choosing one that will provide you with sufficient power, no matter what kind of activities you may have planned.

Standby Generator

With a standby generator, you’ll be covered. A standby generator is a backup power source, which you need to have in the case of an outdoor wedding or event. Before you think you have everything covered, you also need to make sure you’re renting the right kind of standby generator.

With an outdoor wedding, you’ll be best off with a standby generator in a tow-behind model, which makes it much easier to move from your venue if you need to refuel and transport off-site. Also, make sure that the standby tow-behind model generator you rent comes in a multi-circuit, inverter style.

A multi-circuit, inverter-style standby generator ensures that you can fuel several different power sources. This will cover you for everything from lighting to your DJ and everything in between.       

Why is This the Best Kind of Generator to Have at an Outdoor Wedding?

Outdoor lights

If you’ve done your research, you may have come across other generators, like a portable generator. Why not rent a portable generator instead of a standby generator with multi-circuit, inverter-style capabilities?

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, using a portable generator is an easy way to have your event end in disaster. Portable generators simply don’t have the same kind of power to fuel every part of your outdoor wedding.

Although there are pros to portable generators, like they are easier to move and make a great backup power source for residential homes, there’s an excellent chance you’ll short out a portable generator if you use it to power an outdoor wedding. If you were only using a generator to warm food or coffee, a portable generator might be enough to get you by.

But most outdoor weddings are using a lot more power than this. You also want to be sure that you choose a reliable power source that you don’t have to worry about throughout your event. A portable generator may last a few hours at the most before it needs to be refueled.

Most brides and wedding parties don’t want to think about whether or not their generator needs more fuel when they are trying to have a good time! If you don’t want to take a chance on having your wedding in the dark because you went with the wrong kind of generator, get the peace of mind you need by choosing the right type of standby generator.

It may cost a little more to rent, but when you’re enjoying the best day of your life, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is what kind of generator you chose for your big day!

Ready to learn more about how to rent a standby generator for your outdoor wedding in Maine? Contact Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems in southern Maine to learn more!