8 Tips For Choosing Experts for Generator Installation -

Standby generators perform a simple function for your home. They supply power during an emergency. 

Installing a standby generator, however, is anything but simple. That’s why it is crucial to find the right technicians for the job.

A solid team of power system professionals can make installing a standby generator in a home or business fast, easy, and reliable. Keep reading to learn eight tips for choosing experts for generator installation!

1. Check Their Qualifications

It takes effort to be a generator installation technician. Years of training and practice need to be finished before someone can be trusted to install a generator professionally. 

They should have the necessary certifications and licenses associated with installing a generator. It’s also important to ensure the company has years of experience and a good reputation.     

2. Don’t Choose Just Any Electrician

Not every electrician is qualified to do a complete installation of a standby generator. It’s best to find a company that specializes in generator installation. 

The company should have a dedicated team of professionals that have the experience and knowledge to deliver the best results.

3. Know The Right Questions To Ask

Installing a new standby generator is a collaborative effort. The professional will need your input to help make the best decision for your situation. 

You should feel empowered to ask questions and make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Some common questions are:

If you are unsure about something during the installation process, see if they can educate you. 

 4. Make Sure They Are Reliable

Generator installation is a service. That means they depend on quality reviews from their customers. 

Try to find reviews on the company from previous clients or former employees. If you can, find someone you know who has worked with them before for a firsthand reference. 

They should have a solid reputation for being both trustworthy and skilled.  

5. Make Sure The Products They Sell Are Reliable

A standby generator is only as good as the manufacturer has made it. While generator installation professionals don’t build the generators, they are responsible for selling quality equipment. 

Take some time to research the brand and model of the generator you want to be installed on your property. Make sure it has an acceptable lifespan, provides the necessary power output, and offers any additional features you want, like noise suppression. 

Ask about any warranties that could be included by the installation company or the manufacturer itself.  

6. Check For Pricing Transparency 

Many dealers will offer outrageous deals only to hit you with hidden costs or unfair penalties. A reputable generator dealership will tell you exactly what you will be paying and show the math. 

Ask for detailed quotes and get the total price upfront before you buy. If any part of the quote is unclear, get them to clarify for you. 

7. Don’t Settle For Subpar Customer Service

Your generator supplier should have excellent communication with you. You should be met with friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable assistance throughout the installation process. 

If you experience evasiveness or if they seem to not know what they are doing, you may want to take your business elsewhere.

8. Know What You Need

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the installation procedure ahead of time. This will give you the right questions to ask, as well as the information to provide to your technician. 

For example, you should know what your power requirements are for your home. A technician will be able to assist with determining your needs but be wary of being sold a generator larger than you need. 

Your standby generator should be able to withstand the startup load and sustained power usage of your essential electronics. You can opt for a more powerful generator, but you should be aware that it is extra. 

You should also determine the best place to put the generator on your property. It needs to be far enough away from your home’s ventilation but close enough to not lose efficiency. 

Discuss what kind of fuel you want your generator to run on as well.    

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