7 Benefits of Owning a Standby Generator -

Electrical power is a must in modern society. From powering your appliances to accessing a computer for work, to keeping your home secure in a storm, it is all powered by electricity. 

Even minor interruptions to your power supply can affect your life. You never know when your area could be struck with an unexpected natural disaster or a city-wide outage.

 If you want to keep your home’s energy situation steady, you need to invest in a standby generator. Keep reading to learn seven benefits of owning a standby generator!

1. Standby Generators Give You A Continuous Power Supply

When a storm or heatwave takes your home off of the grid, a standby generator will keep your essentials powered up. Nowadays, standby generators can even detect when there is a loss of power. 

With the right standby generator, you don’t even need to be home to turn it on when the power goes out. The unit simply kicks on when it is needed. 

Certain appliances can be damaged without continuous power, so a generator sporting an automatic transfer switch is ideal.  

2. Standby Generators Keep Your Home Safe

In extreme conditions, a loss of power can be dangerous. Winter can be severe in Maine and Massachusetts.

Power can be lost for extended periods of time. Being trapped in a home with no heat can go from uncomfortable to dangerous very quickly. 

Even if you aren’t concerned about heating, a lapse in power might interrupt your home’s security systems. A reliable standby generator gives you peace of mind that other appliances can’t.  

3. Standby Generators Keep Your Food Fresh

One of the biggest problems with losing power is how quickly food can spoil. Refrigerators and freezers can warm up quickly during a power outage. 

You may lose money by throwing out food or put your health at risk if you accidentally eat spoiled food after a blackout. In an emergency, food may also be hard to come by. 

Having to throw out a limited resource during a crisis makes the situation even worse.   

4. Standby Generators Supply Comfort And Convenience

Having consistent power is not all about safety and security. It is also a great benefit to have emergency power because it is nice to have lights on in the dark. 

You rarely know how long a power outage is actually going to last. A strong standby generator will make it so you barely notice a change at all, even during a classic New England blizzard. 

5. Standby Generators Keep Your Business Running

Some businesses cannot afford to stop running for a day. Restaurants are particularly vulnerable because of the food spoilage issue. 

Even if you work at home, losing power means no computer or internet access. Standby generators will help to keep your business consistent, even in dire circumstances, something customers and clients are bound to appreciate. 

Think of your standby generator as a form of insurance against power outages. They keep your critical systems running, your data safe, and your bottom line high.

6. Standby Generators Increase Your Property Value

If you aren’t convinced that standby generators are worth the investment, consider the value they add to your property. While nicer generators may seem expensive, don’t forget the fact that you could see a substantial return on your investment. 

Not only will you be able to use the generator itself, but it will increase the total amount your home is worth. Prospective buyers are sure to be attracted to a safety feature such as a reliable standby generator. 

7. Standby Generator Maintenance Is Easier Than Ever

Generators run using engines just like cars, so they require regular maintenance just like cars. However, with services like Pow’r Point, you don’t need to lift a finger. 

Pow’r Point lets you sign up for maintenance agreements that automatically renew, so you do not even need to update your calendar. The staff will contact you when your next service is coming up to confirm your availability. 

Then a skilled technician will come to your house to perform the necessary tests and repairs. Remote monitoring is also available so Pow’r Point can run diagnostics with minimal intrusion.

How Do I Get A New Generator Installed?

Installing a new standby generator is not something you want to do on your own. Pow’r Point makes the process easy. Simply call to schedule a quote, and a technician will guide you through the process.

Pow’r Point offers detailed quotes, fair prices, and transparent financing information. Purchasing a generator should not be stressful. 

During your quote, you will get a generator recommendation based on your home’s energy needs, size limitations, and noise preferences. You will also receive suggestions on the placement of the generator.  

Pow’r Point partners with skilled electricians and plumbers and communicates with them directly. When it comes time for the installation, all you need to do is be there. 

Are you ready to learn more about your options for a standby generator? Contact the professionals at Pow’r Point Generators today to schedule your quote and find out what a relief having a generator can be!