Why a Residential Generator is a Smart Investment for Your Home -

There are a lot of tools at your disposal to keep your home safe. You can purchase strong locks to keep your doors shut. You can set up cameras to monitor your property. 

You can even invest in total home security systems to protect your family and belongings. However, one important part of home safety that goes overlooked often is your energy needs. 

A dedicated standby generator is more than just a convenience. A generator makes your home run reliably, even in the worst circumstances. 

Investing in your home’s power capabilities keeps you safe and can save you from massive expenses down the line. Keep reading to learn why a residential generator is a smart investment for your home!

What Causes Power Outages? 

There are a lot of reasons you could lose power. When the grid shuts down, it affects whole regions. 

This can happen due to natural causes, human error, or an overload on the grid.

Natural Causes

Natural causes cover anything from extreme weather events to animals disrupting power lines. They usually happen unexpectedly and can cause long-term blackouts. 

Maine and Massachusetts commonly deal with power outages during winter storms, which are particularly dangerous. Without access to power in the winter, your home could freeze.

Human Error

Human error refers to accidents with power lines or at energy facilities. If someone disrupts the grid, fails to maintain the equipment, or crashes into a pole, it can lead to a sudden outage. 

Overloaded Grid

The grid can become overloaded if too many people are trying to draw too much power from it. This happens during heat waves when unprepared states have to supply power to people cooling their homes with air conditioning.     

Planned Outages

Occasionally, you may experience a planned outage. Scheduled maintenance on power lines is necessary for the integrity of the grid, for example. 

While these are typically communicated ahead of time, they are still inconvenient. 

The best way to avoid getting caught in a power outage at the worst time is to invest in a residential generator.  

Can I Afford a Residential Generator?

Looking at the upfront cost of a robust residential generator, it’s natural to wonder if it fits your budget. However, the cost of not having one may be higher than you think.

Losing Power Means Losing Refrigeration 

Food spoils quickly during a prolonged outage, and you may end up having to throw out freezers of thawed meat by the end of it.

Cost of Seeking Alternative Shelter

Winter blackouts can cause you to seek shelter in a hotel, which can be pricey and inconvenient. Furthermore, your pipes can freeze without heat in your home. 

Ice expands, which often leads to burst pipes and thousands of dollars in damages. 

Cost of Being Out of Work

In the digital age, losing power means losing work time for many. If you cannot access your home internet, you could fall behind, which may be more than a headache. 

If you are still concerned about the price, know that you do not have to take it on all at once. With a PowerPay loan, you can budget the cost of a generator over several years with low-interest rates. 

Don’t wait to safeguard your home!   

How Do I Pick the Right Residential Generator?

Choosing the right generator for your home is important. You want to make sure you get a generator that will cover your needs, but not one that supplies more power than you’ll ever need. 

Thankfully, a Pow’r Point technician can guide you through the process of selecting a generator. They will help you determine how much power you need, make recommendations on the brand and size of the generator, and explain fuel requirements.

The technicians will also help you pick a space for your generator. It is important for the generator to be close to the home for efficiency, but for enough away for ventilation and to limit noise.    

How Do I Start The Installation Process?

With Pow’r Point, installation is made as easy as possible. All you need to do is call and set up an appointment. 

The technician and support team will take care of the rest. Any coordination that needs to be done with an electrician or plumber will be handled internally.

The technician will deliver the unit to your property onto a pad and perform a factory startup. After a quick test to make sure everything is working properly, your generator will officially begin protecting your home! 

The generator will detect any loss of power and automatically kick on. You don’t even need to worry about being home when a power outage occurs. 

After you’ve had your generator installed, you can rely on Pow’r Point for regular maintenance. If you sign up for a recurring maintenance agreement, the staff will keep track of it for you. 

You’ll receive a call shortly before the date to confirm, and the technician will take care of the rest. Investing in and owning a generator doesn’t have to be stressful. Let Pow’r Point do the heavy lifting! 

Do you want to learn more about residential generators? Contact the professionals at Pow’r Point Generators in Saco, ME, today!