Is It Too Late to Book a Residential Generator Installation? -

Residential backup generators are an absolute must-have for homes in New England. And they’re no more important than in the winter months.

Not only are power outages more common, but they can last longer and be more dangerous than in other seasons. Without access to heat and electricity, you and your family are vulnerable.

Even if you aren’t home, your house can sustain damage from the cold. Things like pipes bursting because of water freezing are typical during power outages.

That’s why turnkey standby generators from Pow’r Point can turn on automatically. As soon as your home loses power, your generator kicks on to ensure your house and family remain safe.

Keep reading to see if you can still get a generator installed this season!

What Causes Winter Power Outages?

In areas with cold climates, like Maine, snowfall and ice often spell disaster for the power grid. They can build up on tree limbs, causing them to snap and crash into power lines below.

In some cases, the snowfall and ice can become so dense and heavy that it snaps wires. Blizzards also often involve high winds, which can short circuit power lines by blowing them into each other.

Finally, the danger isn’t even over when the snow and ice melt. The melted runoff can cause flooding that may damage electrical equipment underground.

No matter what, living in this part of the country opens you up to potential power outage risks. You can’t change the weather, but you can change your energy source when it shuts your power off.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home

Not all generators are the same, and doing some research before buying one can help you throughout the selection process. You want to avoid purchasing a generator that exceeds your house’s power needs.

Also, stay away from one that doesn’t produce enough energy to help you. When looking for a generator, be mindful of the power output you need and the dimensions of your chosen unit.

Power output may sound challenging to calculate, but it’s pretty simple. You’ll need to take an inventory of all the things in your home that you need running when the power goes out.

Start with the essentials first, like your refrigerator and water heater. Find out how much power they use by looking up their running watts online.

You will also need to write down their starting watts separately. Many appliances require a surge of energy to get started.

Keep track of any extra items you might want to run, like a computer or lights. As you consider what you want to run during an outage, continue tallying up the total amount of power usage.

In the end, you will have a tally of the total number of running watts and the number of starting watts needed.

The generator you select should produce these numbers at a minimum. However, it is usually a good idea to get a system that is a little bit stronger.

A little extra power accounts for missed watts and future proofs your generator. That way, if you decide to add more appliances, you don’t need to replace your generator.

Where Should You Put Your Backup Generator?

When deciding on your generator, you will also need to consider where you are going to put it. Depending on your living situation, a large-sized generator may not be practical.

Generator Outside

You will need to find a safe place to install your generator, complying with local ordinances. The surface must be outdoors and as flat as possible.

To prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home, don’t place it closer than five feet to an opening in your house. If all this seems overwhelming, or you have questions about installation, we can help.

Pow’r Point offers free estimates for your backup generator installation. And we can even help you find the right size to fit your home.

After selecting your generator and installing it, you want to be sure you have the necessary support to keep it running.

Trained technicians should perform regular maintenance and repair to keep your generator running. The staff at Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems can support you every step of the way!

Where Should You Get a Backup Generator?

Jim Cesare

Pow’r Point Power Generator Systems started in Rangeley, Maine. We are all too familiar with what life can be like during Northeast winters.

That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency servicing for installed generators and generator rentals. Life can get tricky during power outages from weather disasters or planned shutdowns.

Having a partner who can be there for you during any power outage event is crucial. The primary line of defense you have against a power outage is your backup power supply.

It’s never too late to invest in your home’s power needs. And despite the time of year, you can still book a generator installation.

Even if you have prepared for the coming months in every other way, it’s reassuring to install a backup generator. Chances are likely you will lose power at some point this winter.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can keep the power on when you do? We will work with your schedule to install a new generator as quickly as possible.

Don’t compromise on your safety in 2022. Call us today for more information!

Schedule a consultation with Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems. Keep the lights on all winter!