What are the Advantages of Choosing a Kohler Generator? -

No matter what season of the year it may be, it’s essential to ensure your family is always taken care of. As spring gets closer, the time has never been better to think about getting a generator.

But when you’re making such an important choice, choosing the right generator is vital to ensure reliability. Simply having a generator is not enough to keep your house protected when you need power in an emergency.

If the generator cannot work when you need it the most, it becomes a liability instead of something you can rely on when everything around you is uncertain. Power outages are typically not planned.

You may lose power due to an accident or inclement weather that comes from out of nowhere! Unexpected power outages can lead to basements flooding, food spoiling in the refrigerator, and leaving your house unheated. In the harsh winters of the Northeast, this can be downright dangerous.

Pow’r Point offers a range of generator options, but perhaps the most popular models are from Kohler. Keep reading to learn about some of the advantages that come with choosing a Kohler generator!

A Range of Options

20RESC Kohler Install

When deciding on a generator, you need to find the right fit for your needs. If your generator doesn’t produce enough power, you won’t be able to run everything you need.

If it is too powerful, you are paying for a product you can’t use the full capacity for, which may not be as energy-efficient. Kohler offers a wide variety of generators with an equally wide range of power output capacities.

Offering many different power output capacities helps you keep costs lean while still making sure you are ready for the next storm.

Powerful Machines

If you like to feel like you have enough backup power sources, look no further than Kohler. Kohler offers customers unique commercial-grade generators in its residential line.

You can’t say the same about their competitors. Kohler also leads the industry regarding frequency and voltage regulation. You can feel confident that you’re providing your family with a strong yet safe power source.

Protect from Surges

Your electronics are a valuable asset, but they could be in danger if a power outage or power surge occurs. Unprotected electronics are vulnerable to random power surges.

Power surges can damage and permanently destroy their inner workings. Your unprotected electronics could even start a fire, making them much more dangerous if they aren’t protected.

Having a Kohler generator acts as a line of defense against unexpected surges of power when an outage comes to an end. Having guards in place will keep you and your family safe no matter what may end up happening.   

Keep It Quiet

Having a generator to guard your home is a good idea, but it does not have to be noisy. Cheap generators may be able to power your home, but they could be at the cost of your sanity.

Imagine having to sit through an extended power outage, trying to sleep when it sounds like there’s construction happening in your neighborhood. Kohler generators tend to run quieter than other brands of generators.

When you choose a brand like Kohler, you can have peace of mind and relaxation while your home appliances run. Buying a generator doesn’t have to feel like a scenario that makes you choose between your peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. Why not have both?

Make Refueling Simple

Many Kohler products can be linked to a natural gas or propane tank. By connecting your Kohler generator to an existing tank, you can simplify the process of refueling the generator.

The installation is permanent and can be done by our highly qualified technicians, helping you find the perfect place to store your unit.        

Use It For Renovations

Thanks to the incredible power delivered by Kohler products, you can use your new generator as more than a standby appliance. Use your Kohler generator to save money when powering your tools for large construction projects.

Even professionals utilize generators when they want to maximize efficiency because they are portable and easy to use.

Automatic Activation

What happens if no one’s home when the power goes out? Some generators require someone to physically activate them.

Needing someone to start your generator is not only a hassle but can defeat the whole purpose in the wrong situation. Kohler offers products that automatically switch on when it detects a power outage.

You can rest assured that your Kohler generator will always keep your home powered. Whether you’re home and the power goes out, or you’re on vacation and realize the power went out in your neighborhood, Kohler will take care of you.


Kohler products have a reputation for being reliable, which is why we offer them to our clients. Here at Pow’r Point, we ensure that the unit has been tested for quality.

We also offer ongoing maintenance agreements to keep your generator working at peak performance. Able to withstand extreme workloads and still keep it up for years on end, you can expect only greatness out of your Kohler generator.

How to Get Started

If you live in Maine or Massachusetts, contact us today to help you get started. We’ll discuss how to find your power needs and appropriate placement for your Kohler unit and even provide a free estimate.

Use our Home Improvement Loan Calculator from PowerPay to calculate your APR based on the loan amount and monthly contract to get one instantly. After we’ve installed your unit, feel free to contact our technicians for any servicing, troubleshooting, or warranty work that needs to be done.

This includes oil and coolant testing, general analysis, and even 24/7 remote monitoring so we can keep an eye on your generator at all times for you. We can be notified of excessive run times and run/stop times and verify weekly testing.  

Don’t compromise on quality. Invest in your home’s future with the best power source you can get: A Kohler home generator. Find out more about Kohler generators by scheduling a free estimate with Pow’r Point in southern Maine today!