5 Signs it's Time to Consider Buying a Generator -

It is not always easy to decide where to allocate your resources for home improvement. When faced with the complex financial choices in front of them, homeowners may choose not to prioritize emergency power by buying a generator.

However, this can be a dangerous choice. It could result in costing you more money in the long run.

A functioning and well-maintained standby generator is an investment in the safety of your household and may end up being more affordable than you think. Keep reading to learn about 5 signs it’s time to consider buying a generator!

1.    You Live In an Area with Bad Weather

Unexpected blackouts are one of the biggest reasons most people who get a generator consider it a sound investment. Power outages can last hours or even days.

Since you can’t plan when a power outage will occur, there’s never a good time to have one. Any time you have one, they can make a devastating impact.

Areas prone to storms and other forms of inclement weather will experience outages due to downed power lines after high winds, ice build-up, or large deposits of snow. The Northeast is no stranger to blizzards.

Getting stuck in a blackout can leave you in below-freezing temperatures for uncertain periods. Even if you can keep yourself warm inside your house, pipes can burst if you allow them to freeze.

It doesn’t take much time for the water inside them to expand if your power goes out during the cold winter months. If your pipes burst, this can lead to runaway property damages that far exceed the cost of a simple standby generator.

Investing in your home now can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damages down the line.   

2.    You Need Power for Work

Not everyone can afford to stop working because they don’t have power. There are very few jobs that can keep going without electricity.

Not working, especially online if you’re working from home, can cost you time, money, and potential profits or wages. Many business owners cannot afford unexpected extended shutdowns, even if it’s due to inclement weather nobody predicted.

If you own a restaurant, you need your food to stay refrigerated at all times to avoid spoiled and wasted inventory. When you have a generator, you can relax knowing that your business is safe, no matter what the weather may hold that day.

Pow’r Point offers both residential and industrial-grade generators, so no matter how high the stakes are for your business, you will be protected.

3.    You Are Doing Renovations

There are more uses for generators besides in an emergency. If you are completing extensive home renovations, you may need to pull extra power for tools to accomplish your goals.

A strong generator can help you produce more than enough power for your projects, allowing you to complete objectives without interruption.   

4.    You Have a Generator, But It’s Failing

If you have an unreliable generator, it may not be much better than not having one at all. If it cannot meet your supply needs at any given moment for extended periods, then you lose your protection.

You should perform frequent testing and maintenance on your generator to keep yourself informed on its status and extend its lifespan. Ultimately, any generator you purchase will need replacing when it can no longer function properly. Consider the following if you think that you might need a new generator:

5.    You Checked Your Rates With the Home Improvement Loan Calculator

Even if you have decided that you are ready to protect your home with a generator, you still need to find a way to finance your new generator. An easy place to start?

Contact our Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems team for a free personal home estimate. Learn how to calculate your exact power needs and get help picking out the right size generator with the assistance of a trained technician.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to power your home without spending money on more energy than you will need. Using PowerPay, you can instantly receive approval on a home improvement loan to finance your generator.

There are never any hidden fees or fixed rates, enabling you to manage the cost with low monthly payments. Check out the loan calculator to determine your monthly payment on the loan amount you need right now, so you can begin planning now!

If your neighborhood suffers from frequent power outages or you feel like it’s time to invest in a new generator, we’re here to help. Contact Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems to get your free estimate in southern Maine now!