Will My New Cummins Generator Last a Lifetime? -

When you purchase a power supply system, you want something that is built to last. At Pow’r Point Generators, you can expect to find the best solution to energy needs across Maine and Massachusetts.

One of these is the Cummins Home Power Generator. This unit is one of the most reliable and long-lasting generators on the market.

It also comes with several other enticing benefits, making it an excellent choice for your home. Keep reading to learn if your new Cummins Generator will last a lifetime!

Why You Should Invest in a Home Generator

Home standby generators are essential for creating a safe place to live. Generators can be especially beneficial in areas like Maine and Massachusetts, where it gets dangerously cold at the same time of year that power outages are more likely to occur.

A reliable standby generator ensures that you can keep the heat on, the water running, and your food preserved in the refrigerator long enough to resolve a blackout situation. A great generator can also let you run your computer so you can continue to work or enjoy entertainment while you wait out a storm. 

These valuable additions to your home are more than just an accessory. It is an investment in your peace of mind and safety for you and your family.    

What Sets Cummins Apart from the Competition

Cummins Power generation has a history of long-lasting reliability and power. Their standby unit automatically starts when it detects a power outage.

Generators with an automatic start ensure your home is kept powered if you lose power while you are away. It is fueled by your home’s natural gas or propane lines, so you never have to worry about keeping it refueled. 

Cummins generators through Pow’r Point make sure to deliver on durability for those in states prone to inclement weather. Sporting a hard case enclosure and cold-start capabilities, you never need to worry about a misfire during cold night power failures.  

If you are concerned about a loud generator disrupting your sleep when it kicks on, you can invest in a generator featuring the robust QuietConnect system. This unit uses patented sound dampening technology to minimize engine noise. 

What About a Portable Generator?

A portable generator has certain benefits compared to a fully installed standby unit, primarily convenience. However, there are also drawbacks. 

While they are useful for camping or emergency power, they are typically not as durable as their standby counterparts. They require manual refueling and must be switched on automatically.

Portable generators are convenient, but standby generators are recommended for long-term living establishments.  

How to Make Sure Your Cummins Standby Power Generator Lasts  

Like any other kind of engine, generators need to be maintained in order to maximize their lifespan and efficiency. Cummins residential power generators feature automatic maintenance and remote system monitoring.

These features enable you to relieve worry about missing a maintenance interval. You are also able to receive alerts if something is wrong. 

You can also depend on Pow’r Point to service your generator needs quickly and competently with a maintenance agreement. Capable and trained technicians will visit your home and thoroughly inspect your unit to ensure it is running at peak performance. 

Any damaged parts will be identified and replaced, stopping future malfunctions in their tracks. Preventative maintenance can extend the life of your unit.

By signing up for a recurring scheduled maintenance agreement, you don’t have to keep track of servicing your generator.

Financing a Cummins Generator with Pow’r Point

If you are ready to put your home in the hands of a Cummins standby generator, you can check out special financing options from Pow’r Point. Get a free estimate and discuss your home energy needs with a qualified technician.

They can ensure you get the right size generator without spending more than you need to. You can also plan out where to house your new unit and get the necessary details on fuel requirements.    

Using PowerPay, you can receive instant approval on a loan to finance your generator. With instant approval, you don’t have to wait to keep your home safe.

It’s easy to fit the sizable cost of a lifelong generator into your budget by dividing the cost into manageable monthly installments. You can also expect zero hidden fees and penalties for credit card use or prepayment.

You will know exactly what money you are spending at the time of purchase. Check out our Home Improvement Loan Calculator to start planning for the future of your home’s emergency power potential. 

Once you’ve made the investment, let a Pow’r Point technician handle the installation. You don’t need to stress for a moment during the entire process.

By cooperating with master electricians and plumbers, Pow’r Point mechanics can perform the necessary setup and tests to get your home or business backed up.

Do you want to learn more about how the Cummins Generator can help power your home in the event of an outage? Contact the professionals at Pow’r Point Generators in southern Maine today!