Pros and Cons of Standby Generators | Power Point Generator Systems

Determining whether or not to purchase an emergency power unit for your home is not always an easy decision. You need to make sure it can supply your home with power, but you don’t want to spend more than you need to. 

There is a lot of information to sort through and it’s important to consider both the positives and the negatives when making this decision. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of purchasing a standby generator!

Pro: Standby Generators Are Dependable

A generator is a liability if it isn’t reliable. When the power goes out, you want to know that your generator will run.

Standby generators are typically sturdier than portable generators. They last longer and outperform other categories of generators by a wide margin. 

Their hard casings help them withstand the elements, even through brutal New England winters. Depending on the size of generator you invest in, you can power your entire house off of just one unit.

If you value meeting your energy needs at all times, a standby generator is the way to go. At Pow’r Point Generators, we also offer a wide variety of support services for your unit. 

Between rapid repair and ongoing maintenance agreements, you can ensure that your machine will be operating when you need it.  

Pro: Standby Generators Turn On Automatically

Standby generators are able to detect when an outage occurs automatically. The generator switches on and delivers power to your home without skipping a beat. 

Consider the convenience of not having to dig out a portable generator during a snowstorm and hope that it starts in the cold. The standby generator does all of the work for you. 

Even more importantly, automatic power outage detection can save you if you are away during a power outage. Imagine going on vacation only to return to a refrigerator and freezer full of rotten food!

Standby generators are an investment in peace of mind.  

Pro: Standby Generators Can Run for a Long Time

Modern standby generators are efficient enough to run for days or even weeks. Standby generators can be lifesaving in the event of an extended power outage situation. 

Freezing conditions that often go hand in hand with rolling blackouts can cause your pipes to freeze and burst. If your pipes burst, it can leave you and your family vulnerable. 

Storms can leave communities crippled, but a solid standby generator can keep you going until the area gets back on its feet. You can even take longer trips if you are on vacation and feel confident that your home will stay powered through it all.

Pro: Standby Generators are Quieter Than You Think

If you are in a situation that calls for extended use of a generator, you don’t want to be kept up by the noise of an engine. It’s easy to assume that a generator powerful enough to run your house for days would be earsplitting. 

However, this is not true. Modern standby generators are surprisingly quiet. 

Their insulated housing suppresses the noise without causing them to overheat. By investing in a standby generator, you get the best of all worlds!

Con: Standby Generators Cost More Than Other Generators

Standby generators are quite a bit more expensive than portable generators. Standby generators, however, are an investment in your peace of mind.

Most people agree that a standby generator is worth the extra cost if you can afford it. You don’t have to eat the cost of a worthy generator all at once, though. 

Pow’r Point offers home improvement loans through PowerPay®, with rates that work. Break the total cost of a long-lasting standby generator into monthly installments that can fit into your budget.

Check out the Home Improvement Loan Calculator to get an idea of what your monthly payments could look like!   

Con: Standby Generators Take Time to Be Installed   

Installing a standby generator is quite a bit more involved than simply purchasing a unit and plugging it in. It needs to be in the right location, and the generator has to be the correct size.

It is also important that you understand the fuel requirements for your specific generator. Installation and education can all be done by a licensed Pow’r Point technician. 

Purchasing and installing a generator should not be a stressful experience, even if you invest in a more complicated machine. After installation, the technicians will perform a startup test to make sure you hit the ground running with your unit.

For most people, the choice is obvious. If you can afford a standby generator, it’s simply worth it.

It adds priceless value to your home by making it safer. 

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of installing a standby generator? Contact the professionals at Pow’r Point in southern Maine today to find out how to get started with a top-of-the-line standby generator!