Why You Should Be Buying a Generator to Prepare for Maine Winter Right Now -

Preparation means getting ready before disaster strikes. In most cases, if you wait to act until something happens, you are already too late. 

Access to emergency power is a perfect example of this. It may be tempting to put off the cost of a standby generator until the last minute, but installation can take time. 

A generator won’t do you any good until it is hooked up to your home. Keep reading to learn why you should be buying a generator to prepare for Maine winter right now!

 Will a Generator Really Keep Me Safe?

Maine winters are notoriously rough. Blizzards and ice storms have been known to wipe out power grids for days at a time. 

The infamous ice storm of 1998 was a combination of multiple storm fronts that caused freezing rain to fall for about fifty hours. This storm caused at least two hundred thousand people to lose power.

Some of them did not get their power back for twenty-three days. In the dead of Maine winter, that can be incredibly dangerous. 
Even if the power outage is not record-breaking, a day or more spent freezing is unpleasant and damaging. It is risky for your wellbeing, and you could end up with frozen pipes that may burst in your home.    
Power outages don’t only come to the Northeast during winter. A few years ago, in October 2017, high winds knocked out power to many people, and it took over a week to restore power. 
Summer heat can also put stress on the power grid. While winter in Maine is longer and very cold, summers can still be hot.
It is not unusual to see temperatures rise into the nineties as summer peaks. A power surge or blackout can leave you without access to air conditioning or even a simple fan to keep you cool.
Food in your fridge can spoil quickly if power is not restored.

How Do Power Outages Happen?

You get your power from the grid. The power grid is an intricate network of cables and stations, and it is far from perfect.

If there is a failure at any part of the system, your power can go out. You’ll most often encounter what is known as a distribution failure. 
This is the classic weather or accident-related outage, where a power line is knocked down or shorted from contact. These are usually smaller, localized outages that don’t take as long to fix. 
In contrast, a transmission failure is a much bigger deal. They don’t happen as often as distribution failures, but they are much harder to solve. 
Computer or equipment problems and human error can cause rolling outages to occur. In some areas, you might encounter a supply shortage. 
This happens when the energy supply does not meet the demand. The grid operators may be forced to shut off power to specific areas to keep the grid running.
Power outages can even be planned out. This can be done as a part of routine maintenance or as a preventative measure to stop a transmission failure from spiraling out of control. 
Whatever the cause of the outage is, you don’t have to be at the mercy of the grid. A standby generator will make your home independent.    

Can a Generator Save Me Money?

While the main reason to get a generator is for safety and security, investing in a generator can save you money in some ways.
First of all, if the generator prevents your pipes from bursting and food from spoiling, it will quickly make the generator pay for itself. You can also use a generator to power home improvement projects yourself, saving you a bit of cash along the way. 

Can I Afford a Standby Generator?

A generator is not a small investment. The suitable units you want to protect your home can seem too expensive for some budgets. 
However, with Pow’ r Point Generator Power Systems, finding and financing the right generator for your home is easy. Work with the trained Pow’r Point technicians to get the right generator size. 
That way, you’ll know that you have enough power for your home when you need it, without spending extra on the energy you’ll never use. Using PowerPay, you can be instantly approved for a home improvement plan.
Check out the PowerPay Home Improvement Calculator for a fast and easy way to get a look at your monthly payments before you buy. You don’t need to worry about hidden fees or negotiating with credit cards. 
All of the information is upfront and available. You can trust the professionals at Pow’r Point Generators to provide you with the best care and advice.
Do you want to learn how you can best prepare for Maine winter right now? Call the professionals at Pow’r Point Generators today to get a free estimate on your generator!