Should I Schedule Servicing on My Generator Ahead of Time? -

Servicing your generator is an essential part of keeping it reliable. Without regular maintenance, your generator could fail when you need it the most.

Life getting in the way should also be expected, though. Scheduling generator servicing is hardly on the top of most people’s priority lists. 

That’s why Pow’r Point Generators in New England does it for you! By signing a recurring maintenance agreement with Pow’r Point, you take all of the guesswork out.

Keep reading to learn if you should schedule servicing on your generator ahead of time!

Service Agreements

Service agreements allow you to keep focused on what’s important in your life without putting your home at risk of losing power. When it comes time for filter and oil changes, technicians will already be on their way to keep your unit healthy. 

During their visit, they will also inspect the generator for faults. Any malfunctioning parts can be replaced, securing your emergency power. 

Service agreements will give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected no matter what. You can trust the professionals at Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems to keep your generator in the best shape so your home is always covered in the event of an outage.

What If My Generator Fails Anyway?

Even with regular maintenance, machines can break. Accidents can happen, or nature might have a different plan than you.

If your generator does fail unexpectedly, you can expect quick service to get your house back on its feet. Pow’r Point technicians are experts in the field and can repair all major generator brands. 

You don’t want to experience a power outage without a plan. New England winters are famously cold. 

Without a fast fix, your home could be damaged, and you could be in danger. Summer in New England can also get hot, and extreme temperatures in either direction make blackouts more likely.  

Pow’r Point also offers 24-hour emergency power solutions to help you through tough times. Any day of the week, Pow’r Point has you covered.

Do you have a plan for the planned outage coming up in your region? Ask about the rental units you will have access to with Pow’r Point!

What Sets Pow’r Point Apart?

Pow’r Point is a small, local business that services Maine and Massachusetts. That means you can expect personalized service with a focus on quality. 

Installations are fast and efficient. Repairs use genuine manufacturer parts. Assistance is there when you need it and as stress-free as possible.   

Purchasing a standby generator can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. Pow’r Point technicians can help you assess your business or home’s power usage accurately and fairly. 

This includes the generator’s fuel requirements. You’re covered if you want propane, diesel, or natural gas.

Knowing what size and strength generator you need, you can trust that your house is safe from blackouts without spending more than you have to. 

Built to Last

Pow’r Point offers quality brands that are built to last, including Kohler and Cummins. Kohler generators are built to last through the heaviest workloads. 

The automatic power system means that your home will have power even if disaster strikes while you’re away. The Cummins Power Generator features QuietConnect™ technology. 

Access the power without the noise. The system is reliable and strong while maintaining a low profile. 

Cummins generators are rugged and include cold-start potential, so you are good to go for the winter. The placement of the generator is also important. 

During your free personal home estimate, the technician will recommend where to place the generator for safety. As for installation, you will barely need to be involved. 

A single phone call will get the gears turning. All of the equipment is delivered directly to your house, where the technician will get to work. 

The unit is placed on a pad, then your technician will run a factory warranty startup, and the generator is thoroughly tested. Pow’r will coordinate with the electrician and plumbing partners to streamline the process.  

Can I Afford A Standby Generator?

Standby generators that are worth investing in are not going to be cheap. A machine that needs to run all of your essential appliances and heating has to be robust. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t afford one, though. When it comes to financing, the emphasis is on honesty and simplicity. 

You will receive instant approval on a loan up to $100,000, with rates starting as low as 8.99%. You can negotiate contracts for up to 15 years without worrying about prepayment penalties or hidden fees. 

After your free estimate, you can plan monthly with the PowerPay Loan calculator! Enter in the terms you want and let the software take care of the math. 

A responsible budget is essential, but you also need to ask: “Can I afford to lose power unexpectedly?” Pow’r Point also has a selection of used generators to look through. 

There’s no need to leave your home unprotected. Call Pow’r Point Generators in southern Maine if you have questions about the process or want to get started!