Does My Business Need a Standby Generator? -

Every business has different needs. Some require heavy machinery, and others need computers. However, almost all need access to power. 

Blackouts happen all over the world for many different reasons. When an outage occurs in your area, will your business be prepared?

Keep reading to determine if your business needs a standby generator!

Is My Business Really At Risk Of An Outage?

There are a lot of different things that can cause a power outage. Extreme cold, for example, is a common event in New England that can leave many without power. 

Snow and ice can build up on power lines, causing them to break. A particularly windy storm can blow branches or even knock over entire trees into circuits, causing them to short. 

Winter isn’t the only time outages can occur, though. Lightning from storms can strike transformers or other electrical equipment, severely damaging them. 

Heavy rain can lead to flooding, which can also damage essential equipment. Even a heat wave can cause the grid to become overloaded because of demand. 

Studies have also shown that power outages are becoming more common. How dependent your business is on energy depends on what kind of business it is. 

Restaurants, for instance, can lose entire inventories if their refrigeration goes out. Companies that rely on electronic communication and servers can lose days or even weeks of productivity if the outage is bad enough. 

Investing in a standby generator puts the question to rest and protects your business, no matter the issue.     

What Is A Standby Generator?

A standby generator is a dedicated emergency power supply unit. If the primary power grid shuts down, the generator is a backup. 

Many standby generators even turn on automatically when they are needed. Standby generators are typically connected directly to the building’s power system. 

They can run off of different kinds of fuel, such as diesel, propane, or natural gas. This fuel can be stored in a nearby tank, but it’s usually better to connect it through a local utility when possible. 

Selecting a generator for your business takes some research. You want to make sure the unit is powerful enough to supply all necessary power and then some. 

You also have to consider the size of the unit, placement, and how much sound it makes. Pow’r Point technicians can help you assess your property and make the most financially sound decision.  

How Does Installation Work? 

In addition to helping you choose suitable generators, the technicians will take care of the installation. All you need to do is make the call to Pow’r Point to get the ball rolling. 

You won’t have to worry about coordinating with an electrician or utility. Pow’r Point partners with master electricians and plumbers to ensure quality work. 

The generator will be delivered directly to your business, set up on a pad, and have the automatic transfer switch applied. The technicians will even perform a factory warranty setup and test the unit to ensure it runs well.     

Installing a standby generator isn’t the final step, though. Generators need maintenance, and Pow’r Point can keep you covered on that end as well. 

You can sign up for preventative maintenance agreements to ensure your business stays uninterrupted. However, sometimes the unexpected happens.

To protect your home or business from the unexpected, Pow’r Point also offers 24-hour emergency commercial generator service. That way, you are able to have peace of mind.

Benefits of Installing a Generator at Your Business

Productivity grinds to a halt without power for most businesses. Time is money; if you aren’t producing, you aren’t earning. 

By purchasing a generator with an automatic transfer switch, you’ll barely even notice downtime from a blackout. Safety, of course, is an essential benefit a generator provides. 

In the dead of winter in Maine and Massachusetts, cold can be a real hazard to employees. If your workers need access to light, they could be in danger when the power shuts off. 

Hot weather in the summer can make conditions indoors unbearable. Energy gives your team access to climate control, lights, and whatever they may need to stay safe on the job. 

Is A Standby Generator A Good Financial Decision?

A quality generator is not a small investment, but it is an important one. Having access to power at all times keeps your business reliable, productive, and safe.

Reliability is a very important part of most business models. Showing that you can meet demand even in times of crisis will make your business more valuable. 

Losing product or data due to a power outage can set you back. This fact is just as true for a small ice cream stand as it is for a major law firm. 

Investing in a standby generator doesn’t have to destroy your business budget. With Pow’r Point, you can get a free estimate on a unit. 

You can also finance the generator with competitive loan rates. You don’t have to wait to keep your business protected. 

Are you interested in learning more ways a standby generator can benefit your business? Contact the professionals at Pow’r Point Generators in southern Maine to get started!