What Time of Year is Best if I Need to Buy a Generator for My Home? -

In most cases, the best time to purchase a generator is yesterday. A standby generator is most useful in an emergency. 

That means you don’t know when you’ll need it exactly. Fall is an excellent time to invest in a generator, though, particularly in New England. 

Winters can be brutal in the northeast, so securing your energy means should be a priority. Keep reading to learn more about the best time of year to buy a generator for your home!

Can It Wait Until Winter?

Not only does harsh weather mean more power outages, but winter storms are often longer and more impactful. If a blizzard takes out a powerline, it can take the energy company a long time to get the equipment where it needs to go. 

In the meantime, you are left without power, freezing in your own house. In the best case, this is a major inconvenience.

In the worst case, it is dangerous. Low temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze and burst, damaging your home. 

Winter blackouts can last hours on end. In the freezing cold, those hours feel even longer. 

You don’t want to be trapped in your home under those conditions. Make October the month to take your home security to the next level. 

Secure your power while the weather is still warm enough to be predictable.  

What About Pricing?

For the New England area, you are better off getting a generator before a major outage. When a blizzard is in the forecast, prices are bound to skyrocket as people panic and rush to get in some last-minute preparation. 

Supply and demand affect generators just as much as anything else. After October, inclement weather can begin to get more serious. 

If you are concerned about cost, Pow’r Point has you covered. Set up a free estimate from a technician, so you know exactly what your payment will be for your standby generator. 

Receive approval for a home improvement loan up to $100,000 with rates as low as 8.99% so you can be ready for this winter as soon as possible.  

What Should I Look For In A Generator?

The best generator is one that is reliable, but that is not all you need to know. When sizing your generator, you first need to pick one that generates enough power. 

You will need to make a checklist of all the things you need running in an emergency. These may be refrigerators, water heaters, or computers, among other things. 

Take note of how much power they use while running and their starting watts. Appliances need a surge of electricity to get started. 

Calculate the total running watts and add the starting watts from the appliance with the highest number. That will be the total starting watts needed for your generator. 

Once the power is sorted out, you will need to find a location. The generator should be close enough to your house to not need lengthy cords but away from windows and other openings. 

Ideally, it should be placed near the electric and gas meter so it has a consistent supply of fuel. If you have a place in mind, then the generator you pick needs to fit there comfortably.    

You should also factor in noise. If you are concerned about the racket a generator can make, you might consider investing in a Cummins Home Power Generator. 

Not only are they reliable and hardy, the QuietConnect™ series of generators use sound suppression technology to reduce noise. 

What Is Installation Like?

Pow’r Point technicians take care of the installation process from start to finish. Once you’ve selected your generator and fuel type, the unit can be quickly set up on a pad and connected to the proper hook ups. 

You don’t even need to coordinate with an electrician or plumber, Pow’r Point takes care of that too. After the generator is installed, a full warranty startup and test are performed to ensure everything is working properly.  

Generator outside

Can I Just Leave My Generator Alone Once It’s Been Installed?

Like any piece of machinery, a generator needs to be tested and maintained regularly. Wear and tear can lead to problems when you need it down the line. 

Pow’r Point technicians can handle anything from basic oil and filter changes to in-depth preventative maintenance. If you sign up for a maintenance agreement, you don’t even need to add it to your calendar. 

A technician will contact you to set up a visit when it is time. If your generator needs repairs, Pow’r Point’s turnaround time is fast. 

What If I Don’t Have A Generator, But There’s An Emergency?

You can have access to 24/7 coverage with Pow’r Point. You can rent a power generator to bypass the disaster and consider investing in a full-time generator afterward.

Don’t get caught out in the snow. Winter is approaching Maine and Massachusetts fast, so be prepared with a standby generator. 

Are you interested in purchasing a standby generator for your home? Contact the professionals at Pow’r Point Generators in southern Maine to get started!