8 Reasons Choosing a Generator is a Good Idea -

Deciding to invest in a backup generator for your home or business can take time and effort. In order to make the right choice, you must consider what benefits a generator can offer you. 

Here is a quick list of some of the most important reasons you want a generator in your life today. Keep reading to learn eight reasons choosing a generator is a good idea!

Protects Your Home

The biggest reason to invest in a generator by far is for the safety it provides. Pow’r Point services homes across New England, an area known for its harsh winters. 

Losing power in Maine or Massachusetts in the winter often means losing heat. That is dangerous for you, your family, and your house itself.

New England is more prone to power outages than other places in the U.S. in the winter. Blizzards are powerful storms that can knock over power lines and freeze pipes at the same time. 

These wintery whiteouts are no strangers to the North East, happening reliably year after year. A backup generator is a shield against the worst of the elements, keeping your heat and lights on until the grid is back on. 

Think of it like an insurance plan for unexpected weather, no matter the season. 

Keeps Your Appliances Running

Having to go without TV may not be a problem during a blackout, but there are other things that need constant power. Power outages can last a long time, and if your refrigerator is out of commission, you could be throwing away a lot of food when it is over. 

This is particularly important for businesses like restaurants, which can lose entire inventories. If you work from home, access to your computer might be necessary to pay your bills. 

A backup generator keeps you moving through tough times.

Turns On Automatically

Modern standby generators are powerful enough to keep your whole house running while the situation is fixed. You can wait out the outage in comfort instead of being stressed about your pipes bursting or your food rotting. 

This is even true if you aren’t home for the event. Pow’r Point offers a variety of generators that can detect when your home loses power.

They turn on immediately, barely missing a beat. You don’t need to wade through the snow to switch on the generator. 

If your standby generator is hooked up to a utility, you don’t even need to worry about refueling!       

Quieter Than You Think

A big concern for many people is the noise that a generator can make. It may be important to keep your home powered, but will you be able to sleep through the night?

Actually, modern generators can be very quiet. For example, Pow’r Point offers the patented QuietConnect™ series of Cummins Home Power Generators. 

These feature sound suppression built into the unit. The engine noise is muted as quietly as possible while still providing protection to the generator from the elements.   

Promotes Peace of Mind

Extended power outages can be scary, especially for children. A standby generator provides peace of mind for both you and them. 

You won’t need to worry about your heating, and the kids can enjoy lights on as normal, keeping you all calm and collected. 

Installation Is Easy With Pow’r Point

You don’t have to know how to install a generator yourself. Pow’r Point employs skilled technicians that can survey your home to find the best place for your generator, deliver the unit, and complete the installation. 

Pow’r Point is even partnered with master plumbers and electricians, so hooking up the unit to your home and utilities is taken care of. All you need to do is call!

Never Forget Maintenance

A generator is an engine, just like your car’s engine, it needs routine maintenance. If this seems like a hassle, you don’t have to worry. 

With Pow’r Point, you can set up recurring maintenance agreements. A technician will keep track of when your unit is due for an inspection and call you to confirm a date and time that works. 

When they arrive, they will check for damage and replace filters and fluids. Once the generator is installed on your property, you won’t have to lift a finger to keep it in shape. 

Get The Generator Now, Pay Later

Like any home improvement project, generators can be expensive. However, they don’t have to break the bank. 

Thanks to the PowerPay loan, you can instantly finance your generator with interest rates that won’t make your head spin. There are no hidden fees or penalties for prepayment. 

In fact, you can receive a free personal home estimate and calculate your expected monthly payments with the PowerPay Loan Calculator. 

A generator is a backup system, but it only works if it is set up before disaster strikes. Don’t wait to keep your home protected. 

Do you want to learn more about your home generator options? Call the professionals at Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems in outhern Maine, today!