What Are Power Generator Maintenance Agreements? -

A good standby generator should last you a long time. The only way it’s going to, though, is if it is properly maintained. 

Generators run with an engine, and, just like a car, you are going to need to get it tuned up every so often. Without regular servicing, your generator may not start when you need it to.

In the dead of a New England winter, that can be dangerous. Keep reading to learn about power generator maintenance agreements!

How Often Does My Generator Need to Be Maintained?

Maintenance for your generator should be an ongoing thing. How often it needs to be serviced largely depends on how often you use it. 

As a general rule of thumb, it should be getting routine work done on it once or twice a year. If you regularly experience outages or plan on using your backup generator for big projects, consider getting it looked at more often. 

With the number of power outages across the United States going up, you cannot be too careful. 

What Needs To Be Maintained On My Standby Generator?  

Even assuming nothing is wrong with the unit, your generator still needs to be maintained. The oil needs to be swapped out to keep it fresh, filters need to be replaced, etc.

A thorough inspection should also be performed to ensure nothing is broken or worn down. Bad parts should be replaced immediately before they cause any issues.

Could I Do My Own Maintenance?

If you are familiar with what needs to be done on your machine, you could perform your own maintenance. However, Pow’r Point offers exclusive maintenance agreements with customers. 

Maintenance agreements take the guesswork out of the equation. Licensed technicians come right to your house at your convenience. 

They perform a complete inspection, take notes of malfunctioning equipment, and repair the unit as needed. As experts in their field, you can rest easy knowing your unit is in good hands.    

The best part is you don’t even need to plan ahead for the visit. The Pow’r Point technicians will schedule you in advance and confirm the arrangement when your generator is due for service. 

Let them contact you to create an appointment, so you barely need to lift a finger. 

What Happens If I Don’t Maintain My Generator?

The only useful generator is a reliable generator. Without proper and consistent maintenance, your generator could break down. 

It’s bad enough to be stuck with no power, but you could also rack up costs in repairs. Remember, maintaining your generator saves you money in the long run.   

Even worse, there is a chance that a poorly maintained generator can do more harm than good. Carbon monoxide poisoning and electrical fires are real dangers from generators that have not been maintained correctly. 

What Do I Do If My Generator Isn’t Working When I Need It?

Mistakes happen, and sometimes units break down even if they were properly maintained. In emergency power outages, you can rely on Pow’r Point. In Maine and Massachusetts, you can fall back on 24-Hour emergency power generator services.

Pow’r Point technicians are capable of getting your unit up and running as quickly as possible. 

I Don’t Have A Generator Yet, But I Need One ASAP

Installing a new generator takes time, but you might not have that luxury. Sometimes you need to stay ahead of planned power outages and weather disasters.

In addition to 24/7 emergency generator servicing, you can access a rental unit any day of the week. When you are ready to upgrade to a fully-fledged standby generator, contact Pow’r Point to set up a free personal home estimate.

I Want to Upgrade My Generator Setup, What’s the First Step?

Whether you are a first-time buyer or you want to update your existing generator, it has never been easier to get a standby generator. During your estimate, you’ll work closely with a technician to determine:

You don’t need to do more than contact the Pow’r Point office and create an appointment. Once you’ve found the right generator for your home, you can finance it easily using PowerPay. 

Break down the total cost of the generator, installation, and labor into manageable monthly payments. Negotiate reasonable interest rates for a contract with no surprise costs to secretly drive up the price. 

Your loan of up to $100,000 takes seconds to approve! Generators are there to give you peace of mind. 

How much peace are you really getting if you need to think about keeping them maintained? Let Pow’r Point keep track of your generator so you don’t have to. Call the professionals at Pow’r Point Generators in Southern Maine, today, to get started!