8 Ways Hiring a Professional Generator Installer Can Help Your Business -

A dedicated standby generator is an important part of keeping your business reliable. Having access to power at all times keeps your business running, so you don’t miss a beat. 

Installing a generator is not a simple chore, though. Here are eight ways hiring a professional generator installer at Pow’r Point keeps your business competitive!

Simple and Fast Installations

The best professional generator installation experts make the job easy. It is your job to run your business. 

It is the technician’s job to keep your lights on through emergencies. Pow’r Point aims to give you the most straightforward installation process possible. 

All you need to do is make one call and set up an appointment. The technicians can take care of the rest. 

Expert Connections

The generator installer is not the only professional involved in a generator installation. You also need an electrician and a plumber. 

Pow’r Point works closely with trusted master plumbers and electricians. You do not need to worry about coordinating the team; leave that to Pow’r Point.  

Immediate Power Solution

In certain industries, every moment matters. You can’t always wait for someone to get a generator started, especially when cold weather is involved. 

Pow’r Point offers state-of-the-art generators that feature automatic startup technology. When the system detects a power outage, the generator automatically switches on. 

Your business can expect uninterrupted service for all of its equipment. 

Advice That Matters

Installing generators is one of many things you should expect from a professional generator technician. They are also knowledgeable on everything you need to know about powering your home. 

They can help you:

Select a Generator With the Right Power Output 

That means having access to enough wattage to power your critical equipment without spending money on more energy than you actually need.  

Find the Right Place For Your Generator 

Between keeping in line with building codes and considering noise output, the technician can help you locate the perfect spot for your unit. 

Get an Accurate Estimate 

Business is all about the bottom line. Your technician will be able to give you an accurate and honest evaluation of your needs and set you up with a payment plan that fits most budgets. 

No hidden fees or prepayment penalties, just the raw numbers. 

Generator Maintenance Agreements

Generators require maintenance, just like any other engine. Without regular checkups and filter changes, you can never be certain that your generator is going to work when you need it to. 

You don’t need to make time to do regular inspections yourself. Pow’r Point offers regular servicing to keep your generator steady. 

You don’t even have to set up an appointment each time. Pow’r Point will keep track of your last service date and contact you when it is time for some maintenance. 

All machine parts will be thoroughly inspected, damaged parts will be replaced, and old filters will be changed. All of this without getting in the way of your busy schedule. 

Detailed Testing

Some parts of generator maintenance can be done by the operator. However, you probably don’t have some of the equipment needed to do all of the testing. 

Pow’r Point technicians come equipped and ready to do all of the following:

Load Bank Testing

This tests the overall state of the generator. By putting it under a false power load, the technician can quickly bring the generator up to temp. 

Essentially, this proves that the generator will work during an emergency. 

Analysis Testing

Technicians are able to test the fluids in your generator system. This gives them information about the internal health of the machine. They won’t even need to take it apart.     

Diesel Fuel Analysis

If your generator uses diesel fuel, the technician can check the quality. Poor diesel lines can have buildups of bacteria or fungus. 

Oil Analysis

Just as with fuel, the oil in the generator can get contaminated. Dirt, water, glycol, or metals in the system can interfere with the unit’s health. 

Coolant Testing

Coolants are necessary to keep the generator from breaking. Issues with a generator can often be traced back to the coolant system. Technicians can check for corrosion, glycol buildup, and pH level with their tests.

Emergency Repairs

Even with proper maintenance, sometimes life happens. If your machine breaks down during an emergency, you can rely on Pow’r Point to get you back on track. 

Using actual manufacturer parts, the technicians can quickly repair your generator twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Building Trust

Your business is important. To protect your business from power outages, you need to find a dealer you can trust. 

Established in Rangeley, Maine, all the way back in 2005, Pow’r Point has grown up in the New England community. With a team that has a combined forty years of experience in generators, it would be difficult to find a more reliable power partner. 

Let the professional generator installers at Pow’r Point Generators help you ensure your business is protected from outages.

Don’t compromise on your business energy needs. Set up an estimate for your workplace today by contacting Pow’r Point Generators in Southern Maine, today!