How to Know If It's Time to Invest in a Standby Generator -

With the aging power grid in the U.S., power outages are becoming more frequent than ever. This can be a major interruption to your home life or business and can even be dangerous. 

A standby generator is the best way to protect yourself and your family from rolling blackouts. Keep reading to learn how to know if you need the extra security, and it’s time to invest in a standby generator!

You Are Experiencing Blackouts Often

Back in 2020, Americans experienced an average of eight hours without power. The actual amount of time for individuals varies significantly from region to region. 

If you live in a region that experiences more outages than normal, a standby generator will pay for itself in no time. New England happens to be an area that is prone to power outages. 

Constant cold weather and proximity to the ocean mean more opportunities for bad weather. Bad weather knocks down power lines, leading to extended periods without energy. 

You Are In Danger Without Power

Not only does New England have more power outages than other regions, these power outages are harder to deal with. In Maine and Massachusetts, you almost expect to lose power during the winter. 

This is a big problem, as that means you could be without heat for several hours at a time. Pipes can freeze and burst. 

Unless you have somewhere to go that has power, you could also be in danger yourself. A reliable standby generator is a barrier between you and disaster when it comes to a power outage.

Pow’r Point offers emergency power generator services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Emergencies can happen at any time. 

You can’t afford to wait when it comes to energy needs, so Pow’r Point has the backup plan. 

Power Outages Affect Your Lifestyle

In today’s world, not many people can afford to go without power for extended periods. With work-from-home jobs and online responsibilities, power loss can equal profit loss. 

A standby generator keeps you moving, filling in the gaps where the power grid fails. Even if you aren’t concerned about the loss of productivity, blackouts are simply inconvenient. 

We rely on energy for entertainment as well as safety, especially when it’s cold outside. An unexpected power loss doesn’t have to ruin your plans. 

Pow’r Point can perform a fast installation, all you need to do is call!

You Can Afford A Standby Generator

A standby generator worth getting is not cheap. They are meant to be reliable commitments that work. 

You can expect to spend a few thousand dollars on a solid generator for your home. That might not work with everyone’s budget. 

However, Pow’r Point can help with that as well. First, you can receive a free personal home estimate. 

Pow’r Point technicians will assess your property, help you calculate your power needs, determine what fuel requirements are best for your home, and find a place for your generator. 

You will receive an honest estimate with no hidden fees. With a PowerPay loan, you can receive an instant loan with fixed competitive rates to finance your generator. 

That way, you can protect your home without breaking the bank. Your overall investment will be broken down into low monthly payments.

There are no prepayment penalties, so you can pay off the loan whenever you want to!

You Are Ready For the Installation Process

Installing a standby generator can be a complicated business. The unit has to be hooked up to your home properly, the fuel lines need to be set up, and your generator needs to be placed in the perfect spot. Luckily, Pow’r Point can take care of all that. 

Pow’r Point works closely with master plumbers and electricians. You can be certain that you are receiving quality labor. 

The technicians will do their due diligence in finding a location suitable for your generator. It will comply with safety ordinances, be properly protected from the elements, minimize noise, and maximize efficiency. 

You do not need to worry about a thing after you set up an installation date with Pow’r Point. Our qualified and experienced staff and technicians will take care of almost everything for you.

You Know What You Need to Do For Maintenance

Generators are essentially engines that are connected to your house. Just like car engines, generators need regular maintenance to keep them working properly and efficiently.

Oil and filters need to be changed, broken parts have to be replaced, and tests need to be run. You don’t need to do any of that personally, though.

Pow’r Point offers ongoing maintenance agreements to keep your machine reliable. You don’t even need to remember to set up the appointment. 

A staff member will contact you when your service date is coming up to confirm. Your service arrangement will be kept in the system, so you can set it and forget it. 

A standby generator is a big investment, but it is worth it. Let Pow’r Point make the process easy for you.

Are you interested in learning more about standby generators? Call the professionals at Pow’r Point Generators in Southern Maine today!