7 Reasons to Have a Generator Installed at Your Business -

Keeping your business supplied is more important than ever in today’s world. Most businesses need some kind of constant power supply to stay productive and reliable. 

An unexpected or prolonged power outage could cost you money, customers, or put the safety of you and your employees at risk. Keep reading to learn seven reasons to have a generator installed at your business!  

1. It Keeps Your Operations Uninterrupted

Interruptions to your flow of business can cause you to lose momentum financially. If your operations are delayed significantly due to power supply issues, your profits and reputation could be damaged. 

Pow’r Point can supply your business with a modern generator that automatically switches on and off. When a power failure is detected, the automatic transfer switch will kick on your generator seamlessly. 

As soon as power returns from the grid, the generator will switch off, saving fuel costs and preventing you from backfeeding power.  

2. It Maintains Your Security

Keeping your business safe from crime or disaster is key to longevity. Unexpected things can happen, which is why people invest in security systems. 

However, many systems require a constant power supply. Power outages leave gaps in the safety of your business. 

The last thing you want is someone to take advantage of that breach when your business is vulnerable. A standby generator from Pow’r Point is an investment in the safety of your company. 

You can get a free estimate so you know what to expect when it is time to protect your enterprise.    

3. It Prioritizes Data Protection

Physical security is not the only safety concern for your business. A large part of many businesses these days is handling private information. 

Whether it is your own information or a client’s, solid data protection is non negotiable. A cutoff in power supply can make servers malfunction, causing the data to be corrupted or damaged. 

Certain industries such as financial, tech, or healthcare also need to consider the security of the data.

In business, information is everything. A backup generator keeps your valuable data protected from breaches and server crashes due to power failure.  

4. It Delivers Customer Satisfaction

Most businesses don’t survive bad reputations. Maintaining deadlines and being known for reliability are crucial to a healthy bottom line. 

Even though power outages probably aren’t your fault, those who rely on your business may only be concerned with results. Whatever your reasoning, if you don’t deliver, they might look elsewhere. 

Customer satisfaction begins with being dependable. Generators help you achieve that by keeping your operations running, even during crises. 

If you are able to produce results despite unexpected power outages, your customers are more likely to stay loyal.  

5. It Prepares You For Emergency

Pow’r Point services New England, an area notorious for terrible winter storms. If you do not already have an emergency backup power supply, you are rolling the dice every winter. 

While Pow’r Point also offers 24/7 rental generators, it can take precious time to get them to you. Being prepared for an emergency means preparing before the emergency happens. 

A standby generator is installed in a secure and strategic location on your property. It will be able to withstand the elements. 

Once the generator is installed, you can enjoy some peace of mind, even during storms or other events that threaten your power supply.    

6. It Protects Perishable Goods

Certain businesses handle materials or goods that need to be preserved. An interruption to power can cause your products to go bad in these cases. 

Food and beverage businesses such as restaurants, inns, or grocery stores are particularly vulnerable to waste after a power outage. No power means no refrigeration. 

In order to keep your customers safe, you could end up having to throw out expensive inventory and eat the cost. If you handle food or other goods that need temperature management, a backup generator is absolutely vital. 

Once your generator is in place, you can rely on Pow’r Point to keep it running. With ongoing scheduled maintenance agreements and 24/7 remote monitoring, you can be sure your generator will continue to run.     

7. Compliance Regulations

Some industries have strict regulations for recovering from power outages. If you do not have a backup generator, check to ensure you are up to code. 

If you aren’t technically compliant, you could face fines or other legal troubles. Successful businesses strive to run responsibly. 

Investing in a generator is a responsible choice, as it keeps your company consistent, safe, and potentially working within the law. While a generator may seem like a hefty expense, it can end up paying for itself faster than you think. 

They keep your business productive and promote a positive relationship with your partners and customers. That means less profit loss from disaster and more profit gains from an enhanced reputation. 

Do you want to learn more about how a generator can help your business? Call Pow’r Point today to find out more!