Does Getting a Generator Save My Family Money? -

A generator is an investment in your home. However, the upfront financial cost may seem intimidating to certain budgets. 

Good, reliable generators can seem very expensive at first glance. But is the cost worth it? 

Keep reading to learn how getting a generator can save your family money!

Save Your Food

Refrigeration is more important than some people may realize. A lot of food can spoil very quickly if your power goes out for too long. 

This is especially bad for restaurants and other food businesses, but it can also be a considerable expense for a family. Throwing out freezers and fridges full of food is all too common during rolling blackouts.

A dedicated standby generator will help you avoid that.  

Protect Your Home in the Winter

Pow’r Point services areas in Maine and Massachusetts. The New England area is very familiar with blizzards and extreme cold snaps. 

Power outages are not only more common during this season, they are more dangerous. Heating the home does more than just keep you comfortable. 

It keeps you safe, most importantly, and also keeps your pipes from bursting. Without power during the winter, the water in your pipes can freeze solid. 

This is a big problem because ice expands. With enough pressure, even thick metal pipes can bust open. 

This creates a massive financial burden and an incredibly stressful event to go through. Power outages can inadvertently damage your home during the other three months as well. 

Disabled sump pumps, for example, can lead to flooded basements. Flooding is not only expensive to fix and clean, it can destroy things in your home that are irreplaceable, like photo albums.  

Avoid Hotel Costs

Sometimes, you don’t know how long a power outage is going to last. In order to sleep safe and sound, you may have to resort to renting a hotel room. 

These charges rack up quickly, especially when you factor in the cost of eating out for every meal. With a standby generator, you don’t need to worry about last minute emergency measures. 

The generator itself is the emergency measure.  

No More Downtime During Outages

Saving money isn’t just about directly preventing losses, you also need to consider opportunity cost. These days, many people work from home on their own office computer. 

This is convenient until a power outage rolls in. Having limited or no internet access means you lose productivity. 

If you own your own business, you could be losing out on profits. 

Increase Your Property Value

A home with a standby generator already installed is going to have a higher value on the market. People are often willing to pay more money for a home that is equipped with a reliable backup power system. 

If you ever decide to move, you could recoup some of the cost of the generator simply by listing it as one of your home’s features.

Enhance Your Security

Many homes are equipped with security systems and alarms. A power outage can provide an opportunity to have your home invaded and robbed. 

Disabled outdoor flood light deterrents or unpowered security cameras are useless when it comes to keeping out criminals. Burglars are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities in homes, but a backup generator keeps your security systems active even after losing power.     

Experience Peace of Mind

There is no guarantee that a generator will pay for itself financially. However, it does provide something money can’t always give. 

Just knowing that your home is safe from the potential problems caused by unexpected power outages can help you relax. You may not think you need a generator until you need one. 

By that point, it’s too late. Invest in the future of your home with a standby generator today.  

Finance Your Generator with PowerPay

Just because a generator is worth investing in doesn’t mean everyone has the budget to buy one outright. That’s why Pow’r Point lets you finance your home generator using a PowerPay loan. 

With rates as low as 8.99% and up to 15-year contracts, you can get the generator you need now and pay it off over a long term. After a free personal home estimate, you will get all the information you need to finance your generator.

You can receive instant approval for up to $100,000 for home improvement, which covers standby generators from all kinds of manufacturers. Check out the PowerPay Loan Calculator to get a first look at how a financed generator can fit into your budget.

Pow’r Point makes investing in a generator easy. Just call the office to set up an estimate and let the technicians and support staff handle the rest. 

There is no need to coordinate with your own plumbers and electricians. Pow’r Point partners with master trade workers to deliver you a stress-free and fast installation process. 

Are you interested in learning more about your generator options? Contact the professionals at Powr Point Generators today!