5 of the Best Tips for Using Your Kohler Generator -

Without power, everything seems to come to a standstill–unless you have a Kohler generator. A Kohler generator is a valuable asset that provides a reliable source of power during sudden or planned outages. 

To ensure that your generator operates at optimal efficiency during critical moments, proper use and routine maintenance are essential. 

Keep reading to learn more about Kohler generators and five best practices for generator use and maintenance!

What is a Kohler Generator?

A Kohler generator provides a reliable and automatic backup solution for power outages. Inside each Kohler generator is a commercial-grade, heavy-duty engine built to perform and stand the test of time. 

The generator is typically stationary and is permanently installed on a concrete pad outside your home. Depending on the configuration of the generator and fuel type, a Kohler generator can power your home for days or even weeks until the utility restores power. 

The generator is connected to a natural or liquid propane gas tank, reducing the need for refueling.

Why Should I Choose Kohler?

Kohler has been producing generators for more than a century. They’re the oldest generator company in the world, known for innovative technology and best-in-class products since its founding. 

A Kohler generator is ready at a moment’s notice. It’s paired with an automatic transfer switch (ATS), which monitors utility power 24/7. 

The ATS instantly senses when the main power source is lost, or your home isn’t getting enough electricity, and switches your home to generator power. In just ten seconds after a power outage, the Kohler generator has your sump pump, oven, fridge, air conditioning and heating, and other major appliances and equipment supplied with power all at the same time and running throughout the outage. 

You likely won’t notice that there’s a power outage in your neighborhood. Once power from the main grid is restored, the ATS prompts your Kohler generator to shut down automatically and reconnects your home to the primary power grid. 

The transition from utility power to generator power and vice versa is that seamless. Kohler home generators are backed with a five-year, 2000-hour premium warranty that safeguards your investment and assures you peace of mind. 

Kohler generators are extremely reliable and durable.

5 Tips for Using Your Kohler Generator 

With proper use and maintenance, your Kohler generator can last for twenty-five to forty years. The following tips can ensure that your generator remains reliable for years to come and is ready to power your home at a moment’s notice.

1. Read the Manufacture’s Guidelines

Reading the manufacturer’s guidelines is a crucial first step to safely using your Kohler generator. It’s your go-to manual for thoroughly understanding its functions, specifications, and maintenance needs. 

The owner’s manual provides great insight into your generator and can ensure you keep your generator in tip-top condition. It has model-specific details that will guarantee the best operation, performance, and safety from your generator.

2. Perform Visual Inspections

Whether done daily, weekly, or monthly, generator inspections are your first line of defense against possible issues. Regularly checking your generator can ensure you catch minor issues because they turn into more extensive and expensive problems. 

During inspection, keep an eye out for any new or notable signs of wear and tear. Make sure that the wiring and hoses are in good condition. 

Additionally, ensure your Kohler generator has a green light. A green light means that there are no major errors or faults with your generator. 

Never ignore a red light. You want to fix any issues it indicates without delay before they cause more problems or damage your generator.

Also, be on the lookout for issues such as:

3. Keep Your Generator Clean

A Kohler generator is usually installed outside your house. Over time, dirt and debris can build up around it. 

To ensure your generator operates at peak performance, eliminate any vegetation, dirt, sticks, rocks, debris, and other blockages from its shell and louvers. Moreover, clean exhaust and air intake vents to prevent blockages that can affect performance.

Remember to clean snow off your generator during winter. You can use an air compressor to blow debris and dust from the housing. 

With a soft-bristled brush, you can remove dirt from around openings. A non-flammable degreaser can also help you to get rid of dust and dirt from the exterior of your generator. 

Cleaning your Kohler generator frequently can prevent damage caused by debris and dirt. Dirt can block the air filters, causing premature wear and other operating issues. 

4. Use Kohler’s Remote Monitoring System 

Kohler generators use a remote monitoring system called OnCue Plus. The system is available for both Android and Apple devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. 

OnCue Plus sends real-time status updates on your generator, allowing you to control your generator from anywhere at any time.

With OnCue Plus, you can:

OnCue is an optional accessory kit for five compatible Kohler generator models ranging from 12kW to 30kW. It’s designed to ensure that your generator performs smoothly when there’s a power outage or natural disaster and your generator needs to take over.

With OnCue, you’re assured that power is supplied to important home appliances or equipment like your HVAC, fridge, and sump pump. So, whether you’re at work, on the go, or on vacation, you’ll never need to worry about the power in your home. It’s that convenient. 

Your Kohler generator will run an automatic self-test weekly to confirm it’s in good working order. By self-testing every week, your Kohler generator will ensure it’s ready to perform efficiently when the power goes out next.

 You can use OnCue to review the results of these self-tests. If there are issues that should be addressed, OnCue will also send you alerts.

5. Don’t Skip Maintenance

Your Kohler generator is only as good as it’s maintained. For optimal functioning, you should schedule regular maintenance. Kohler generators are complex, sophisticated machines that should always be handled by certified Kohler technicians.

DIY maintenance can lead to costly mistakes or void your warranty. A certified Kohler technician will protect your investment and warranty.

When performing maintenance, a professional technician will inspect and test your generator for proper function. They can catch unseen or minor issues and address them sooner rather than later before they escalate. 

An expert technician can also make sure your generator works reliably and substantially minimizes the risk of unexpected breakdowns when you need it most.

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