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How to Choose Between Propane, Natural Gas, and Diesel Generators

Choosing the right generator for your home or business can be challenging but rewarding in the long run. You want to ensure your generator is powerful enough to handle your energy demands in an emergency.  You also likely want to invest in the most cost-efficient unit and the most convenient machine to maintain and fuel. […]

6 Reasons Why 24-Hour Emergency Power Generator Services Are Important

Electricity is not just a luxury in today’s world, it is a necessity. From the home to the business, it keeps us safe and running.  An unexpected power outage can completely disrupt our lives. Twenty-four-hour emergency power generator services from Pow’r Point can help prevent that from happening.  Keep reading to learn six reasons why […]

How to Know If It’s Time to Invest in a Standby Generator

With the aging power grid in the U.S., power outages are becoming more frequent than ever. This can be a major interruption to your home life or business and can even be dangerous.  A standby generator is the best way to protect yourself and your family from rolling blackouts. Keep reading to learn how to […]

8 Ways Hiring a Professional Generator Installer Can Help Your Business

A dedicated standby generator is an important part of keeping your business reliable. Having access to power at all times keeps your business running, so you don’t miss a beat.  Installing a generator is not a simple chore, though. Here are eight ways hiring a professional generator installer at Pow’r Point keeps your business competitive! […]

What Are Power Generator Maintenance Agreements?

A good standby generator should last you a long time. The only way it’s going to, though, is if it is properly maintained.  Generators run with an engine, and, just like a car, you are going to need to get it tuned up every so often. Without regular servicing, your generator may not start when […]

8 Reasons Choosing a Generator is a Good Idea

Deciding to invest in a backup generator for your home or business can take time and effort. In order to make the right choice, you must consider what benefits a generator can offer you.  Here is a quick list of some of the most important reasons you want a generator in your life today. Keep […]

Can You Rent a Generator?

Generators are very versatile machines. Whenever you need power for a job, you can find a generator that will meet your needs.  There are certain circumstances when you might want to rent a generator instead of owning one yourself. That’s why Pow’r Point offers 24/7 generator rental services.  Keep reading to learn more about renting […]

What Time of Year is Best if I Need to Buy a Generator for My Home?

In most cases, the best time to purchase a generator is yesterday. A standby generator is most useful in an emergency.  That means you don’t know when you’ll need it exactly. Fall is an excellent time to invest in a generator, though, particularly in New England.  Winters can be brutal in the northeast, so securing […]

Does My Business Need a Standby Generator?

Every business has different needs. Some require heavy machinery, and others need computers. However, almost all need access to power.  Blackouts happen all over the world for many different reasons. When an outage occurs in your area, will your business be prepared? Keep reading to determine if your business needs a standby generator! Is My […]

Should I Schedule Servicing on My Generator Ahead of Time?

Servicing your generator is an essential part of keeping it reliable. Without regular maintenance, your generator could fail when you need it the most. Life getting in the way should also be expected, though. Scheduling generator servicing is hardly on the top of most people’s priority lists.  That’s why Pow’r Point Generators in New England […]