Is It Too Late to Book a Residential Generator Installation?

Residential backup generators are an absolute must-have for homes in New England. And they’re no more important than in the winter months. Not only are power outages more common, but they can last longer and be more dangerous than in other seasons. Without access to heat and electricity, you and your family are vulnerable. Even […]

What’s the Best Season to Buy a Generator?

Investing in a generator is a great way to protect you and your family from power outages. While they can happen any time of year, they are particularly prevalent in winter. And if you live in the Northeast, you’re especially likely to lose power at some point during winter. Pow’r Point Generator Power Systems has […]

How Much Maintenance Does My New Kohler Generator Need?

Having a generator in your home or business is an excellent investment for reliable power year-round. Power outages can ruin days and even put you in danger depending on when they come and for how long. However, a generator is only as good as the maintenance you give it. A broken generator only takes up […]

Having an Outdoor Wedding? Why You Need a Generator at the Ceremony

Are you planning a wedding and trying to check off all the boxes of everything you need? If you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding, there’s one crucial thing you may be missing! Keep reading to find out why you need to have a generator at the ceremony as you plan your outdoor wedding!

What is a Generator and Why Do I Need One?

Woman upset during blackout

If you live in Maine, you already know that the weather here can be unpredictable at best. One minute the sun is shining, and the next, there’s a storm coming up on the horizon. If you’re tired of feeling unprepared, an easy solution worth considering is a standby generator. But many people aren’t sure what […]